USA Football
2021 Season

Congratulations to the Belchertown/Granby-Amherst Thunderbirds on their 2021 Div II Superbowl Win!!

In 2021 we combined teams with Amherst; creating the Thunderbirds. 

The PeeWee team, under head coach Michelle Kendall, delivered an impressive 6 and 3 season with 156 PF and 100 PA. Well done kids!! And thank you coaches for making this first memorable year of football fun and fullfilling for the team.

The Senior team, under head coach Mike Issabelle, had an unbeaten season going 9-0 into the Superbowl with 273 PF (wow!!) and 56 PA. Sadly, the season ended with a one-point loss in the final game. Either way kids, you are champsions in our minds and hearts!! Congratulations!

The Junior team, under head coach Marty Bottari, went into the Superbowl with a single loss (8-1 season, with a loss to Easthampton) and was determined not to let Easthampton beat them again in the Superbowl. In a game that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, and Easthampton taking an early lead, Belchertown was able to gain the lead and hold on for a 20-18 win. The Juniors finished their season as Superbowl Champs with 228 PF and 51 PA. Well done and congratulations!!!


Saftey is paramount in youth football. Learn more in the links below.